STAT2301. Statistics for Modern Business Decisions. A foundation in data analysis and probability models is followed by elementary applications of confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression. Prerequisite: GEC Math Fundamentals or equivalent.

STAT2331. Introduction to Statistical Methods. An introduction to statistics for behavioral, biological and social scientists. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability and inferential statistics including hypothesis testing, and contingency tables. Prerequisite: GEC Math Fundamentals or equivalent.

STAT6366. Apprenticeship under an experienced consultant, with exposure to real problems handled by the Center for Statistical Consulting and Research. Between four to six hours per week will be spent in consultation sessions and seminars. In addition to a variety of technical statistical issues the class will study the existing literature on the nonstatistical aspects of the consulting endeavor.

SPSS WORKSHOPS.  Introduction to the IBM SPSS statistical software package with an emphasis on the navigation and use of the software itself, including a brief introduction to programming in the SPSS Syntax language.